About this project

About this project


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This web page is about the creation of a picture book for young children. Making the book is my goal and it's a good one. But I know little about the publishing world in general, or books for children in particular. I also have insufficient artistic skills to produce a book that will compare favorably to other books already in the marketplace. Lastly I have a largely unrelated career and family life that occupy my time fully.

With all that said, why do this? Why start from scratch, go through the industry research, the artistic training, the inevitable late nights and early mornings of work and frustration? And why add to all that work by also documenting it and sharing it on the web?

Goals ought to be beyond today's reach. There should be stretching, education and hard work to achieve them. At every turn in this process I'm finding my personal limit, some new thing that I don't know or can't do, but must achieve to get to the next step. And that effort, that bumping into limits, feels good. 

I plan to share my progress to the limit of my ability to write about it. And if I do that well, perhaps other busy people that have a project in mind will get started on theirs too.  So in addition to creating a book, the potential of inspiring someone else to achieve a personal goal would be a great reward. Maybe better than completing the book, come to think of it.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera
— Dorthea Lange

You'll notice on the navigation bar that this web site is divided between the blog on the left and photography on the right. I've been an amateur photographer for years and I'm finding that my experience with photography is having a significant impact on this project, so I've decided to include a little of that work too.  As the blog develops I'll share more about photography and how cross pollination shapes my artistic intent.