Sharing the View

A web page for sharing images and ideas about the creative process and the making of an illustrated book for children.

Let's start here.

Ideas as such are a little overrated; it’s the work behind the idea that’s the really important thing.
— Nick Cave

On sharing things

This is a blog about sharing images and ideas on the subject of the creative process while I develop a picture book for young children.  I've had the notion of producing this book for maybe ten years now, so it's about time I do the work, don't you think? (For more info just click on "About this project" at the top of the page.) 

The general theme of the book will be compassion toward animals, but I reserve the right to change my mind, follow the wrong path, make mistakes and generally screw up.  And I'll share the failings and (hopefully) successes as I learn. And there is an awful lot for me to learn as this project sits well outside of my areas of expertise.  This blog will be updated every month, or perhaps more frequently.  I'll try to share art and ideas that are interesting and more or less related to this project.

Thanks for stopping by.