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A web page for sharing images and ideas about the creative process and the making of an illustrated book for children.


When your heart speaks, take good notes.
— Andy Mellen

I love dogs. Always have. They like me too. Unfortunately I have terrible allergies to anything with fur, dander, feathers or even eyes it seems, and so I admire from a distance.  A special dog will play a role in my story so for the first time in my life I've started paying close attention to dogs, trying to figure them out so I can draw them. How do they move? Where are the joints? How do the muscles work? 

My neighbors have the sweetest beagle named Scout. Scout is as friendly as they come, and shows his joyful heart by wiggling. When Scout's family comes to visit Scout makes a point of wedging his way past me at the front door and then it's a complete blurry tailed wiggle fest until we can catch him and escort him out. I'm lucky to have him and his family around.

That's a pretty rough sketch up there, of a country dog run amok in the city.  I don't know if the dog in my story will be a beagle, but I like them awfully. I'll keep work/playing and the answer will come in time.

One last thing. Researching dog anatomy is fun. I found a variety of beautiful vintage anatomical illustrations on the subject that have proven invaluable, at the address you can see above. Why illustrations marked as property of the University of Wisconsin are found on a Russian web site in Cyrillic is a mystery, but at least they're out there and available. 

Jeffrey Warden