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A web page for sharing images and ideas about the creative process and the making of an illustrated book for children.

A Dog's Purpose

Be happy whenever you can manage it. Enjoy yourself. It is lighter than you think.
— John Cage

Last month I shared a few sketches of a beagle. The next day there was a message in my in-box from my dad, letting me know there was a book on the way to me.  A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron is an enjoyable tale of the adventures of a dog that is reincarnated several times. With each life the dog learns a key skill that will be crucial in his next. It's a heart-warmer for sure, and an antidote to the daily news cycle. Recommended! And thanks, Dad.

I've been sketching Jack Russell terriers recently while learning new software tools and working on my story.  Jack Russells are such cool dogs, so full of energy and excitement. I especially like Olly in the video below, and I think you'll like him too.

My terrier isn't quite as shaggy as Ollie. That video above had me looking at terriers and other dogs in action, which led me to the video below. You must see Fame, who doesn't mess around. The energy of three dogs in one body!  Enjoy.

Jeffrey Warden